Fireworks Bird Nerd Hoodie


Bird Nerd Hoodies are designed to keep your bird safe, warm and stylish.

Dogs can’t have all the fun—birds can be fashionable too! Whether it’s a hoodie for your cockatoo, a hat and bandana for your macaw, a sweater for your naked birdie, or even formalwear for your caique—we’ve literally got your birds covered.

Please check breed SIZE CHART before ordering.
To select size by measurements, please see chart below.
  • Made of top-quality and comfortable knit. 
  • The functional pass-through pocket on the front is perfect for hiding special treats.
  • Each Full Size Hoodie comes with lanyard ties and colorful beads which will entertain and fascinate your bird. 
  • The Full Size Hoodie will accommodate larger birds and it must fit over your bird's head in order to wear.
  • Our Mid Size Hoodie features a pocket and hood, however; due to weight, the Mid Size Hoodies do not have the beaded lanyards.
  • The Junior Size Hoodie is designed for smaller birds and features a snap closure.


Please note that color and patterns varys eg you may get one with more green, pink, stars etc 



  SPECIES (sub type) SIZE TAG #
  African Grey (Cameroon) X-WIDE PLUS  10
  African Grey (Congo) X-WIDE  9
  African Grey (Timneh) WIDE  7
  Amazon (Green Cheeked) WIDE PLUS 8
  Amazon (Most varieties) X-WIDE  9
  Amazon (Lilac-crowned) WIDE PLUS  8
  Amazon (Mexican Red Head) WIDE PLUS 8
  Amazon (Panama) WIDE PLUS  8
  Amazon (Red Crowned) WIDE PLUS  8
  Amazon (Yellow-naped) X-WIDE  9
  Aracari  LARGE 6
  Bourke Parakeet X-SMALL  2
  Budgie (American) PETITE  1
  Budgie (English) X-SMALL  2
  Caique MEDIUM  5
  Cockatiel (Those larger than average size may better fit a size MEDIUM - size tag #5.) SMALL 4
  Cockatoo (Bare-eyed) WIDE PLUS  8
  Cockatoo (Citron) X-WIDE 9
  Cockatoo (Ducorps) WIDE PLUS 8
  Cockatoo (Eleonora) X-LARGE  12
  Cockatoo (Goffin) WIDE 7
  Cockatoo (Greater Sulphur Crested) JUMBO 13
  Cockatoo (Lesser Sulphur Crested) X-WIDE 9
  Cockatoo (Medium Sulphur Crested) X-LARGE  12
  Cockatoo (Moluccan/M2) JUMBO 13
  Cockatoo (Rose-Breasted Gelah) WIDE PLUS 8
  Cockatoo (Triton) JUMBO 13
  Cockatoo (Umbrella) X-LARGE 12
  Conure (Black-capped) - Those larger than average size may better fit a size SMALL - (size tag #4). JR. SMALL


  Conure (Black Mexican) LARGE 6
  Conure (Blue-crown) LARGE 6
  Conure (Cherry Headed) LARGE 6
  Conure (Crimson-bellied) JR SMALL 3
  Conure (Dusky) SMALL 4
  Conure (Fiery-shouldered) X-SMALL 2
  Conure (Golden) WIDE 7
  Conure (Green-cheek) - Smaller GCC's may better fit size X-SMALL PLUS (size tag 2.5) JR SMALL 3
  Conure (Half-moon) SMALL 4
  Conure (Jenday) SMALL 4
  Conure (Maroon-bellied) JR SMALL  3
  Conure (Mitred) LARGE 6
  Conure (Nanday) LARGE 6
  Conure (Patagonian) LARGE 6
  Conure (Pineapple) JR SMALL 3
  Conure (Rose Crowned) SMALL 4
  Conure (Sun) MEDIUM 5
  Conure (White-Eyed) MEDIUM 5
  Crow WIDE PLUS 8
  Crow (Fish) X-WIDE 9
  Dove (Ring Neck, smaller) LARGE 6
  Dove (Ring Neck, larger) WIDE 7
  Dove (Senegal) MEDIUM 5
  Eclectus (Grand) X-WIDE LONG 11
  Eclectus (Red-Side) X-WIDE PLUS 10
  Eclectus (Soloman Island) X-WIDE 9
  Eclectus (Vos Maeri) X-WIDE LONG 11
  Indian Ring Neck  LARGE 6
  Kakariki X-SMALL PLUS 2.5
  Kakariki (Red Fronted) X-SMALL PLUS 2.5
  Jardine LARGE 6
  Lorikeet (Rainbow) LARGE 6
  Lorikeet (Smaller) MEDIUM 5
  Lorikeet, Rainbow (Australia) MEDIUM 5
  Lorikeet, Red Collar (Australia) MEDIUM 5
  Lorikeet, Scaly (Australia) SMALL 4
  Lovebird (Most) X-SMALL 2
  Lovebird (Black Masked) PETITE 1
  Lovebird (Fischer's) PETITE 1
  Macaw (Blue & Gold) MAMMOTH 14
  Macaw (Blue & Gold - Larger) COLOSSAL 15
  Macaw (Caninde) JUMBO 13
  Macaw (Green Wing) COLOSSAL 15
  Macaw (Hahn's) LARGE 6
  Macaw (Hyacinth) COLOSSAL 15
  Macaw (Illigers) WIDE 7
  Macaw (Military) MAMMOTH 14
  Macaw (Red-Headed) LARGE 6
  Macaw (Red-Shouldered aka Nobel) LARGE 6
  Macaw (Scarlet) MAMMOTH 14
  Macaw (Severe) WIDE PLUS 8
  Macaw (Yellow Collared) LARGE 6
  Magpie WIDE/WIDE PLUS 7-8
  Parakeet (Alexandrine) LARGE 6
  Parakeet (American) PETITE 1
  Parakeet (BeeBee) X-SMALL PLUS  2.5
  Parakeet (Canary Winged) X-SMALL PLUS 2.5
  Parakeet (Derbyan) LARGE 6
  Parakeet (Lineolated) X-SMALL 2
  Parakeet (Moustached) LARGE 6
  Parakeet (Plum-Headed) SMALL 4
  Parakeet (Rosella) MEDIUM 5
  Parakeet (Yellow Chevroned) JR SMALL 3
  Parrot (Australian King) WIDE 7
  Parrot (Cape) WIDE 7
  Parrot (Hawk-Headed) LARGE 6
  Parrot (Meyers) SMALL 4
  Parrot (Princess) LARGE  6
  Parrot (Red Bellied) SMALL 4
  Parrot (Red Fan) WIDE 7
  Parrotlet PETITE 1
  Pigeon (See Pigeon Page and provide measurements)    
  Pionus LARGE 6
  Pionus (Maximillian) LARGE 6
  Quaker MEDIUM 5
  Robin (American) SMALL 4
  Senegal (African) SMALL 4
  Starling JR SMALL 3
  Toucan (Green) LARGE 6
  Toucanet (Spot-Billed) LARGE 6
  Thrasher JR SMALL 3
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