Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 Uvb Compact Fluorescent 26W


  • The AvianSun 5.0 UVB Compact Fluorescent provides birds with safe levels of beneficial UVB and UVA for physical and psychological health.
  • UVB enables birds to synthesize vitamin D3 for proper calcium metabolism which is necessary for normal growth, maintenance of strong bones, and egg production.
  • UVA is visible to birds, enabling them to recognize mates, locate food, and identify different species.
  • Without UVA, birds are essentially colorblind

Bring the sun indoors for your bird pals with the Zoo Med Avian Sun Compact Fluorescent Bird Lamp. This lamp is specially designed to provide beneficial UVA and UVB―the full spectrum of natural sunlight that birds need to thrive and stay healthy, both physically and psychologically. Birds need UVB to make vitamin D3 which is essential for growth, overall health, and reproduction, and they use UVA to see colors, recognize mates, locate food, and identify different species. This compact fluorescent bulb provides a balanced light spectrum and is self-ballasted so you can use it in most fixtures.




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